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How do I join BattleRagers?

Please fill our the recruitment form here.
Under recruitmentinformation you can find out if we are currently recruiting your class for our mainraidteam.
You are always welcome to join us as a social member!
You need to be at least 18 years old.

How do I know whether I have been accepted or declined?

You will be contacted via the e-mail address that you used in your application within 48 hours to let you know
if you have been accepted or declined. If 72 hours have passed and you have not heard anything, please contact one of the officers for an update.

How do I pass trial once I am in the guild?

The trial period is 4 weeks.
Trialists will be expected to be noticed. If the officer team can’t remember seeing you in guild or how you have been behaving you will fail your trial.
If all trialists get themselves known as friendly, helpful and mature players your trial will be easy!

If you have any more questions then please contact one of the officers and finally if you decide to apply then good luck with your application!