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BattleRagers is a social raiding guild on Alliance Ravencrest EU. We transferred over from Emerald Dream in earlier 2019, in search of a better raiding scene. On Emerlad Dream we were one of the oldest guilds, and were known for being one of the best social guilds around, with polite and friendly players.

We are a social guild with a main raid team.

If you are a social person and looking for a fun mature guild with a relaxed and
friendly atmosphere, BattleRagers might be the place for you!
We are currently recruiting members for our main raid team aswell as social members.

Who are the officers?

Onelia - Guild Master
Jbone - Officer
Olismonk - Officer
Rosmerta - Officer

All officers have the same rights to deal with issues in the guild. Some officers may be better at helping with raiding issues and others may be better at helping with social issues. Ask them and they will either help you or pass you onto a more suited officer.

Guild Ranks

1. Guild Master
2. Officer
3. Officer Alt
4. Member
5. Trialist
6. Alt


BattleRagers considers itself to be a social raiding guild.

Wednesday and Sunday 21.00 to 23.30 gametime.

Loot for raids is set to personal loot.
Loot may be shared about - if you want to give away an item, ask, there will be people interested in an upgrade.

Normal raids are put up on the calendar, sign up if you would like to attend. These raids are open to all and we will try to ensure everyone can come along.
Main raid team invites will only show to the main raid team.

Invites are 15 minutes before raid time, if you cannot make the raid – please try to let us know.

For the main raid team you are expected to know the tactics, your gear must be fully gemmed/enchanted and you must bring your consumables.
We use Discord as voicecomm and you are required to have it installed and fully functional before the raid.