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These rules are applicable to ALL members of BattleRagers.

Be Friendly
Say Hello and Goodbye when you log in and out, a Grats is always nice for the odd achievement a guildie earns too! Please keep Guild chat free of swearing. Avoid taking arguments into Guild chat. If you have problems take it to a whisper and if an answer cannot be reached please do not leave the guild but ask in Guild chat for an available officer and join a party or Discord to resolve it. The majority of arguments can be avoided, if people can be calm enough to see the argument from both sides an answer will be found quickly and the guild will take minimal damage.

Be Helpful
Every now and then take time out and help out your fellow guildies, whether it be going to an instance with them or helping them with quests. The more you do this the more respect you will get from your guild and also the more help you may get back in the near future.

Be Mature
If for any reason you get insulted by someone in or out of the guild be mature and get it sorted, if it means putting them on ignore do it. (Even if it’s a guildie, Officers will do their upmost to sort something out if you ask).

When in a group please remember you carry the guild's reputation around with you at all times. It takes years to build something good, but seconds to turn it bad. Be polite in groups and NEVER ninja loot. Remember that Guild Leaders know each other from problems we sort day in day out. They will get in touch with an Officer of some sort and report that to us. If anyone has been reported of Ninja Looting and enough evidence is there to prove it, you WILL be either moved to the trialist rank or removed from the guild.
If, for any reason, you feel you want to leave a group because you are having problems with it, make your reasons clear why you’re leaving. Do NOT leave without saying anything and remember to be polite!

Leaving and Joining Guilds
If you wish to be part of BattleRagers we believe that you need to stay loyal, if you plan on leaving or feel that you do not wish to stay, respect the guild and talk to an Officer so that if there is there is a problem we can find out what it is and try to resolve the issue for/with you. People that leave the guild and realise they have made a mistake MUST fill out a forum post explaining exactly why they left and why they want to rejoin. Remember if you leave us, who knows if we will want you back.
Moreover, if you leave the guild or become inactive, you forfeit any rights, rank, etc. you may or may not have had previously. When and if you are invited back you will be considered as a Trialist. Officers may in some cases shorten the trialist time - do not count on it though.

Officers receive complaints fairly regularly and do not enjoy receiving complaints, the officer team do take all complaints seriously and if we receive too many complaints about a given member. They will be given a warning and if that fails to fix anything they will be removed from the guild.

Be Friendly, Helpful, and Mature
Remember you represent everyone in your guild
Check Discord/the forums
And any problems talk to your officers.